December 20th – A Beautiful Wedding with Historic Snow

Beautiful AND thrilling! (Though a bit of a nail biter for Bride and Groom Jen and Eric as they watched the weather forecast days before their wedding.) Jen and Eric were married on December 20, 2009 at Westminster Hall in Baltimore. Getting to their wedding was surprisingly easy following the 24″ historic snowfall the day and evening before. 4WD was helpful in in a few spots.

The snow made a beautiful backdrop for quite a few of their pictures. Eric is a bit of a weather buff (to put it mildly) and I think the snow put a cherry on top of a perfect day. The Best Man even enjoyed a few weather bug cracks at the Groom

Jen and Eric were great fun to work with, they also told me upfront they wanted lots of photos of the many children at their wedding. This 9 minute slideshow captures many details of their day, including a heaping helping of adorable kids.

I’d personally like to thank my assistant for building a mini snowman out of the fresh fallen snow and completing him with garnishes from the buffet to make him a perfect prop for holding wedding rings in a couple photos.

Jen and Eric said this slideshow of their wedding and reception “totally exceeded expectations!!” and they ordered a high-resolution version on DVD. They also encouraged me to share it with potential clients.

Thank you Jen and Eric for the opportunity to photograph your wedding. It was a beautiful day! And I wish you happiness and good fortune in your years ahead.

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